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Sport Performance

Mental toughness, resilience and high performance.

Performance Enhancement Consultant

As a Performance Enhancement Consultant, also known as a sport psychology consultant, I work with individual athletes and team leaders through a unique blend of performance, coaching and positive psychology.  Human Phenomena takes a humanistic and holistic approach to the work we do.  Understanding there is much more at stake than just the single performance, we look at the whole person, their lifestyle and environments to create a solid foundation of support for every unique individual and their situation.

Examples of sports and issues that I have worked with. 

Transition from under 18's to mens/womans sport. 

Transition from national to international challenges.

Lacking confidence

Ego and self-efficacy 

Sports: Tennis, Golf, Diving, Boxing, Football, Chess

You are the professional in your chosen sport, when hiring a Performance Enhancement Consultant, you will get a professional on you, your performance and your goals. 

Consulting elements will work with you to discover the challenges and the best plans forward in training terms. 

Training elements will work with you on your program of mental skills development and performance enhancement. 

Coaching elements will walk with you on your path to self discovery awareness and understanding.

All three sections of this service are created to break down barriers and support your performance enhancement.

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