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Positive Psychology

Improving your quality of life

through the science of well-being

Positive psychology and coaching helps you increase your well-being and personal growth, ultimately enabling you to flourish and perform at your best.  It is built around wellness, happiness, flow, personal strengths, wisdom, creativity, imagination, values and more.


By flourish, positive psychology and coaching support a state of positive mental health, enabling the foundations that support you to thrive and prosper throughout your life's endeavours.  An abundance of emotional vitality and absence of mental illness provides the ability to function and perform positively in both private and social realms.

Positive Psychology

& Life Coaching

Combining positive psychology with life coaching provides a depth and ability to support progression within your life.  Positive Psychology focusing on your

well-being, performance and health whilst coaching elements helps to support change, gain deep clarity, direction and move forward with your goals.


Working with a Positive Psychology Practitioner can help you with:

  • Authentic happiness

  • Understanding and regulation of emotions

  • Self-confidence

  • Self-efficacy 

  • Finding and re-defining purpose in life

  • Relationships

  • Positive leadership

  • Developing positive habits and behaviour change

  • Creating meaning in life

  • Discovering and developing your values

  • Improving wellness & lifestyle

  • Improving performance

  • Resilience

  • Motivation

  • Goal setting and action planning

  • Post-traumatic growth

  • Positive ageing 

  • Career development

  • Retirement

  • Decision making and confrontations

Workin with a coach
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