Personal Coaching

Life is an individual creation that cannot be copied from a recipe


Personal or life coaching, is the process of empowering  you through self-directed learning, personal growth & improving performance by reducing interference 


HP methods are combined with tools and techniques from:

Powerful conversations and questions

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching

Psychodynamics (unconscious motivations)

Positive Psychology


Human Phenomena stands for the optimal development of personal and professional lifestyle.  You deserve to achieve your goals, perform well and be healthy throughout your unique journey of life.

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Coaching vs Counselling (Therapy)

Discover they key differences between personal / life coaching and counselling.  Find out which is best for you or if you would benefit from both methods of support.

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What is

Positive Psychology

Explore the developing world of positive psychology and how our coaching can support your well-being

How can

Life Coaching 

bring balance to my life?

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High Performance coaching and mental skills development

High performance coaching to get the most out of your life, career or sport

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What is life coaching? 


Human Phenomena life coaching is a process that provides you the time, space and support to explore and maximise your potential and enhance performance.  Coaching can reduce the interference that holds you back from full life satisfaction, quality and success and facilitates a journey of self-directed learning towards personal growth.

A Human Phenomena life coach therefore, is the individual trained specifically to take you along that journey, guiding you, like an impartial, non judgemental and trustworthy friend or adviser. You can freely and openly ponder your thoughts and share your ideas, exploring the depths of what they may mean and how best to move forward with important elements within your life.

Your Human Phenomena life coach will start by supporting you through a process that unravels your goals helping you discover meaningful (purposeful) goals and action steps in a plan towards achievement and growth.  They will hold you accountable and provide encouragement whilst also challenging you to facilitate personal growth.  They will use powerful questions and specialised interventions to help you breakthrough barriers and flourish in life.   

Also experienced in Positive Psychology, our coaches and coaching programs specialise in well-being.  Their extensive training is a core part of what we do, and ensuring our clients physical and psychological wellness is a key part to happier, healthier and more meaningful outcomes.

When choosing a life coach, it is important to research their training and methods to ensure you are working with a professional.  Life coaches undergo training and supervision to make sure they are on top of their practice and can provide the safest service possible. (4).png

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