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To help you stay positive & strong this winter & start your 2021 in control,

I  am Extending my Save 50% + offer for Coaching & Life Style Supportive Programs:

- Online Life Coaching Sessions (In person can be purchased for post Lock-Down);

- Performance, Well Being & Positive Psychology

- Online Exercise & Coaching Plans

- Nutrition & Other Lifestyle Supportive Plans



How can I help you? 

Getting the most out of life can be difficult for many of us due a lack energy, time, focus or many other reasons.  Particularly during times of crisis and uncertainty, it is key to gain control on what you can and learn to be adaptable around areas you can not.


At Human Phenomena, I tailor your coaching towards well-being & performance.  We first support you by understanding your present & help you create a bridge to a future you would like to uncover with personal or professional goals you might have.

Get Coaching to help you: 

- Reduce Stress & Anxiety;

- Introduce & Stick to Positive Habits;

- Re-gain Clarity, Focus & Direction;

- Set Goals & Action Plans;

- Prevent Procrastination;

- Hold Accountability;

- Build Resilience & Coping Strategies; 

- & much more!

Discovery Call

Find out how we can help you with a Free phone call with a coach.


A comprehensive evaluation of your well being & performance

Coaching & Programs

Achieve results with our support.


What makes Human Phenomena Coaching Programs different?


Derived from high performance sport, positive psychology & holistic health & well being science, Human Phenomena Coaching empower you to focus on your well being whilst supporting you to perform optimally within your personal and profession life.

What do people experience? 

- Life satisfaction 

- Lifestyle & health

- Energy & fitness levels

- Quality of relationships

- Positivity, optimism & hope

Want to succeed whilst building a happy, healthy lifestyle? 

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