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Personal Coaching

Life is an individual creation that cannot be copied from a recipe

How can I help you?

Feeling unhappy or lost?

Are you tired of making excuses?

Feeling ready to make some serious changes?

You want to increase your potential and improve performance?

Do you need help gaining clarity, keeping focused and being kept accountable?

If this sounds like you, let's talk.

Damian Reeve

MSc Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology

EMCC Senior Practitioner

10+ years coaching a range of clients from professionals, businesses & athletes.

Common stories:

Stressed with work, life balance none existent & not enjoying enough of your time.


You said you'd start on Monday.  You made a pact with yourself. You even said this year you will be your year. And yet, once again you have held back and not followed through with your goals & life dreams.

Worked for years and found yourself struggling with tiredness, disease and unable to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

You have tried all the directed self-help, books and complimentary therapies that tell you how to live your life.  You followed their rules to still not be where you want to be and continue to find yourself asking "Why am I still stuck in life?"


I have helped people from all walks of life: athletes, medical professionals, CEO's, start-ups, parents, cancer survivors, retirees and more to:

- discover purpose, more happiness & true meaning in life

- create action plans to move forward and acheive their goals & success

- break down barriers and interference that limit their full potential

- increase performance

- improve & maintain health & well-being

If you are ready to make a change, I can do the same with you.  Together, we can break through your blocks and create a new story.

It's time to be efficient and use your time wisely.

Are you ready?

Book a Call to Get Your
Action Plan!


Let's have a short call to get to know each other and make sure you are happy to move forward.

Action Plan

We can start to develop an action plan in the 'Discovery Call' towards your goals and needs.


Your coaching program will help you to grow and develop along side your action plan. 

Therapy Session

Coaching vs Counselling (Therapy)

Discover they key differences between personal / life coaching and counselling.  Find out which is best for you or if you would benefit from both methods of support.

Learn More
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How do I acheive

Optimal Performance?

Applying science backed interventions, tools, techniques & methods from high performance sport, positive psychology and other areas to my coaching practice enables me to support you to reach levels of Optimal Performance.


Are you are deeply unsatisfied with something in your life? Or struggling to clarify something and need help setting the direction?

You may be looking for:

  • Your dream career

  • Empowering confidence

  • Healthy relationships

  • Life satisfaction


Many of my clients have had incredible breakthroughs.

Image by Deniz Altindas


The value of your results will increase and be worth much more than your coaching investment:

Image by Kolleen  Gladden
Therapy Session

Coaching vs Counselling (Therapy)

Discover they key differences between personal / life coaching and counselling.  Find out which is best for you or if you would benefit from both methods of support.

Learn More
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My specialist areas

- High Performance


- Stress management

- Overcoming fear

- Self confidence

- Health & well-being

- Weight loss

- Lifestyle & Retirement

- Burnout prevention

- Mental skills development

- Career & purpose

- Motor skill development

- Positive Relationships

How can

Life Coaching 

bring balance to my life?

Learn the befits of coaching and book yourself a free discovery call with a coach

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High Performance coaching and mental skills development

High performance coaching to get the most out of your life, career or sport

Image by Kolleen  Gladden
What is life coaching

Still considering it?

If you are still thinking whether or not you need help or want to work with me as your personal coach, here are some reflective questions and thoughts to consider and ask yourself:

  • Have I struggled to move forward on my own?

  • How long have I been stuck for and what have I done about it?

  • How much have and will my problems cost me if I do not make some changes?

  • What would my life be like if I overcame these problems?

  • Am I willing and ready to do something different?

Booking a discovery session today will enable you to find out more about me as a coach, how I can help you overcome your challenges & 

There is not need to commit unless we are both happy to work together after the discovery session.  So why not book in and see if it's a right fit for you?

UK & International

My clients are based in Cambridge, London, the UK and internationally.

I can provide coaching in person & via phone/video call, depending on your needs.

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