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Are you a mum
wanting weight-loss results?

Hey, I´m Damian and I am determined to find busy, career driven mums to help
lose weight, build strength and have some time to themselves. 

My only question is, will it be you?

How I help you.

help busy & stressed mums with careers who want to lose weight & do something healthy & positive for themselves.

My programs help you to build confidence and grow, change self-destructive habits, break-through interference 
& develop optimal levels of functioning, performance & wellness.  


Are you a busy mum with a high pressured career on top of your family life demands?  Would you like to feel more confident within yourself & how you look, find a life balance that works for you and increase your physical & mental health & functioning?

If 'Yes!' then I would love to work with you.


My exclusive 'mummy me time' program is tailored specifically to you and your health, fitness & life goals. It helps you to build a lifestyle that works for you and makes the changes you need simple and effective.


Move from struggling to thriving in your professional and personal life. You can read more about my experience, expertise & testimonials here.

If you'd like to know more about this exclusive program, please check the details below.

I am so confident that I can help you acheive results that I provide a No Results Refund Policy.  If you do not get results from completing your program or feel you did not receive high quality value within the first four weeks, I will continue to work with you for free until you do or refund you every penny, no questions asked.

You have nothing to lose, so why not get in touch to see if this program is right for you?

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6      12 week 'Mummy Me Time' Program

* DOUBLE the Value until Sept 27th
* Next program will start from Monday October 4th

Your program will include:

Initial Assessment & report

My initial assessment is designed from positive psychology, health, fitness, nutrition and high performance elements.  It's completely unique, highly detailed and will identify areas of strength that can support you throughout the program as you work towards your goals and provide you potential areas you can work on should you wish to.

 12    24 x Private Personal Training Sessions

My private 1 on 1 personal training sessions are designed to increase your energy and make you feel good. This is time for you to build physical strength that will in turn help with weight loss, toning and definition as well as many other positive effects.  Each session is designed to work on your physical function to increase calorie burning, tone and define your body and make it easier to exercise & enjoy it.  You will not just be made to work out, I will teach you technique so you feel competent in doing the exercise on your own. 

You can be a novice who needs to start at the basics or an avid exerciser who just wants support, encouragement and to learn more efficient ways of exercising. 

These sessions are flexible and take place in my private gym space in Papworth Everard or can be done virtually through Zoom.


'Mummy Me Time'

'Your Results' Personal Coaching Session

(Worth £120)

'Your Results' Coaching is a process that provides you the time, space and support to explore and maximise your potential and enhance performance.  Don't underestimate the empowerment of being truly listened to and understood.  My coaching can sessions can help feel safe whilst you explore and reduce the interference that holds you back from full life satisfaction, quality and success.  Coaching facilitates a journey of self-directed learning towards personal growth.  These powerful sessions are a time for you to be heard and supported as we break down and untangle the interference that slows down or prevents your progression towards your highly valued goals. Using the evidence based practices we can breakthrough and begin a transformation that will empower you moving forward towards a flourishing lifestyle.

Ultimate ‘Drop a Dress Size’ at home plan 

(Worth £80)

My home based progressive program helps you work the specific areas of your body in ways that can burn more calories over the week with less effort than a 60 minute run on the treadmill in the gym.  All this on an easy to use fitness app that you can continue to use after the program. 

'Me Time' Stress relief soft tissue massage 

(Worth £70)

Personal time for you to enjoy a soft tissue therapy session using a mixture of Massage techniques.  Treatments are designed to optimise your movement, relieve any discomfort, speed up your recovery from injury and to improve your general body awareness. This combination will help to allow you to return to whatever it is that you love to do!

Family & Me snack pack guide (Exclusive to this plan)

I will provide you with an exclusive snack guide designed to give you and your family all the key nutrients you need to be healthy.  They are easy to make, taste amazing and full of variety to keep things interesting.

Happy family breakfast plan (Exclusive to this plan)

Breakfast can be a busy time for everybody, especially mums!  So this plan is designed to help you create amazing breakfasts for yourself as well as the family.  No more skipping breakfast because you have to feed the kids.  I have put together a plan of quick and easy, pre-made and tasty weekend treats you will all love.

Make it Simple Nutrition Guide (Worth £80)

A semi-personalised nutritional guide made for you, with additional information on feeding the family that is exclusive to this program.  My nutritional guide has tones of info on different diets types, how to choose whats best for you and many other insights to gain more clarity and awareness around nutrition.

'Easy Peasy' shopping lists (Exclusive to this plan)

Alongside your nutrition guide and plans, I will provide some pre-set shopping lists on your favourite online shopping websites and through simple to use spreadsheets making your experience simple and cheaper in time and in most cases on the budget!

How does it work?

Just follow the steps below...

Step #1

Step #2

Check you are eligible for

my coaching programs. 

Book a call with Damian to start the consultation process.

Step #3

Step #4

I will tailor your personal training & coaching program to your needs and goals.  You will have full support & tools to help you acheive your goals.

At the end of your program, you will have achieved results & changes that we can evaluate to then create an action plan to help you maintain & develop further 

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