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How do we help you? 

Getting the most out of life is a common difficulty for many people due a lack energy, time & focus.  Here at Human Phenomena we tailor your coaching towards life performance.  We first support you by understanding your present & future to uncover personal or professional goals you might have.

Our key starting point is to evaluate your well being & performance through a comprehensive holistic analysis.  With this data we create a report that displays your results & highlights the key areas that can improve your well-being & performance.  Each area has programs & coaching with our Well-Being & Performance Practitioners that are specifically designed to support you on your journey to optimise yourself.

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A comprehensive evaluation of your wellbeing & performance

Coaching & Programs

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What makes us different?


Our Life Coaching is unlike standard practices and methods as it is derived from high performance sport, positive psychology & holistic health & wellbeing practices.  Looking at the methods the most highly trained athletes use both in training and competition, Human Phenomena Coaches empower you to be the highest performer in your life whilst focusing on your overall quality of wellbeing.

What do people experience?


Other than an improvements in both Well Being and Performance, people that experience our coaching also notice improvements in: 

- Life satisfaction 

- Lifestyle & health

- Energy & fitness levels

- Quality of relationships

- Positivity, optimism & hope

Want to succeed whilst building a happy, healthy lifestyle? 

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