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Enhancing Potential

Reducing Interference

Life. Balance. Results.

How we work

Helping You Move Forward

Hello and welcome to Human Phenomena. 

                           My name is Damian Reeve and I am the founder and head practitioner.  Our mission is to           

                                 help ambitious individuals & teams to thrive by focusing on their well being in a way that

                                       will optimise their performance.  We do this through comprehensive assessments that

                                          evaluate the current position each individual is in.  Once the evaluation is complete,     

                                            specific recommendations, programs and coaching are provided to support improvement. 

Who do we work with? 

We work with ambitious people who want to improve well being & performance in both their professional & personal lives.   Professionals, businesses & athletes have found improvements to their health, well being & performance through our programs & coaching. 

The three key aims of our mission

1. Optimal Well Being & Performance

2. A happier & healthier life for ambitious high achievers

3. To develop stronger, more positive mindsets & leadership

Once getting in touch, the company will provide you with a consultant to carry out a discovery session.  You or your team, with the help of our consultant, will then build a bespoke package that will suit your needs and desires.  This can include a range of options from 1-2-1 or group coaching, workshops, events, and other solutions to fit the specs of the discovery session.

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Where we come form

A unique blend

Having worked with high performing professionals in both the business and sporting world, I have developed a unique outlook on performance and happiness.  The Human Phenomena coaching style has been developed through positive psychology and coaching psychology as well as mixed with the mindset and techniques high performing athletes use when playing sport at their absolute best.  Working in a high performance environment can be taxing on yourself and those around you.  Taking a holistic approach we look into aspects such as your environment, health, nutrition, fitness, mindset and much more.  

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