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Well-Being & Performance


What is it for?

Our holistic consultation will evaluate your lifestyle, well-being & performance through the Human Phenomena analysis system.   Our unique methods are developed from both Sport & Positive Psychology practices to take a 360 view of your body, mind & environment.  

Your practitioner will get to know you and your present situation as well as understanding your ambitions and future goals.  Unliked counselling and psychotherapy style practices, your practitioner will only ask for a brief history of any implications that could require alternative support.  This is to ensure that your report highlights the most accurate recommendations tailored to you.

What will happen?

Once you have booked your consultation, you will receive a confirmation of your date & time.  You will then be sent a few e-forms to complete.  These are essential so that your practitioner can begin the evaluation of your lifestyle & goals prior to meeting you.  When you meet your practitioner, either online or in person, you will continue the evaluation through conversation and any specific testing or interventions that may be suited for you.  This is nothing to worry about however if you find talking about any specific topics to be uncomfortable, your coach can 

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